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Foto: Taisto Uuslail
Foto: Taisto Uuslail

Smoke Sauna Week in Haanja – August 10-13, 2017

Thursday, August 10
At 11:00 WHISKING WORKSHOP at Mooska farm 25 € per person.

Friday, August 11
At 10:00 WORKSHOP of BUILDING traditional smoke sauna STOVE at Väike-Palomäe farm Hämkoti village. Activities also for ladies and children. 15 € per adult.
At 19:00 concert SOUNDS BORN IN SMOKE SAUNA in Tuulepesa farm.

Saturday, August 12 – THE SAUNA DAY
At 10:00 MEETING POINT Mooska farm. The sauna families take sauna guests to their saunas to heat sauna, participate in typical farm work and ENJOY THE SAUNA. 10 € per adult.

Sunday, August 13
At 11:00 TOUR TO THE SMOKE SAUNAS IN HAANJA AREA to explore the different types of saunas (duration 2-3 hours). Meeting at Suur Munamägi parking lot in Haanja village. The tour is guided by Silver and Krista Näkk. 5 € per adult.

Additional information and registration: Eda Veeroja, +372 503 2341,
Facebook: Haanimaa suidsusanna nätäl 2017

Booking in advance is required!
Participation fee: 10 € per person (sauna day); 15 €-25 € per person (workshops)